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Monday, 19 November 2012

Homemade gifts - Aprons

First I'd just like to apologise for the number of fingerprints on my camera lens that have caused some blurry spots in these photos. (I'll try to get that cleaned up.)

The hatchlings and I have decided this year we are going to do a holiday baking/ craft advent to count down the days in December. 

I'll be posting these daily and I hope you'll join us.

In order to get into the right mood, I thought it would be rather nice to have some festive aprons. 

Then I looked online, and saw what festive aprons can cost.

Digging through my fabric box and cutting up an old pair of trousers and a dress, these are what I've made for free.

I thought they'd make easy gifts too.

A snowman for hatchling no2. 

This fabric was a torn dress.

A polar bear for hatchling no4. 

Made from trousers.

A Christmas tree for hatchling no3.

Remember the old tree skirt? 

(Daddydragon thinks, 'Tree skirt?)

Well, it is a little shorter now.

And the kitty with a santa hat on the left is for hatchling no1.

Now we are ready to start on our holiday crafts, and hopefully we'll have a fewer stained tops too.

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