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We are a hard working, family of eight. Swimming in the sea when we aren't busy on our small holding. Daddy dragon has to work away a lot, so this blog is to let him keep up with our adventures at home.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

First dinner

We made it to the other side of our move, and even managed to find enough cook ware to cook with. Except for forks... 

Anyways, I set up the dining room table in the conservatory, which is actually quite long, this just just the one end of it.

It really couldn't be helped.

With views like these.

That wind turbine is working hard to keep me in free electricity. So happy!

One of the most wonderful parts of living out on these islands, is being able to wake up each day and look outside. It makes you feel like you are on holiday, somewhere really special, everyday. 

It doesn't really seem to matter where you are, or which island you are on, the landscape is breath taking.

On a side note, have you ever moved house with chickens?

 Our hens took the empty house to be an open invitation.

This hatchling worked tirelessly all day to keep turfing them back outside.

Not that they minded. 

And when we thought we'd lost Dolly,

we found her in a kitchen cupboard.

Wishing you a very happy weekend!

Monday, 15 April 2013


A boy


his dog.

(It was only after I took the photos, that I realised, hatchling no5 was picking up chicken poo and feeding it to the dog. Ick! )

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Friday, 12 April 2013

A year has passed by

And it is not that I haven't noticed. 

The little lambs are all out in the field across the road. 

Little wobbly legs, blue painted numbers on their sides to match their mamas. 

This year has been full of wonderful changes. 
A whole lot of growth. 
Nonetheless, it just doesn't seem possible that we are doing this again.

This house moving lark. Those are the boxes of last April.

And these are today's.

(Stop laughing! I am completely capable of packing a box properly... I have simply lost my ability to care. Did I just write that?

So, we are moving again. As if the last time wasn't traumatic enough. Though my handsome helper is not going to be here, so perhaps there was enough trauma to ensure he is sensible enough to steer clear.

(This guy says he's driving us there, and there will be tears if I try to put his car in a big bad box.)

So, when's this move taking place?

4 days, just 4 more days.

Before the hatchlings and I, not forgetting our furred and feather family members, (whom are not insignificant in their numbers), pick up and adventure off to explore a whole new island. 

New beaches to explore, a garden to work on, and lots of hatchling requests for new projects, specifically of the animal variety.

Hatchling no1's friend brought us some of her goose eggs and her family's fresh honey. A lovely yummy gift.

Hatchling no4 spotted the goose eggs and declared, 'I am going to eat d'at one. Put the others in the incubator, and when my dinos hatch then I can have 'normous eggs for breakfast everyday!'

I hope he won't be too disappointed, when they hatch out as goslings. Perhaps, he could name then Pterodactyl and the like.

The hatchlings have already signed up for new groups and activities, and are plotting their summer.

The girls have made a few good friends and there are many plans to make the most of the inter - island ferries for sleepovers and back garden camp outs.

I can't wait for this to be over, but much like last year, it is all about keeping perspective. So much is waiting for us just over the horizon, and there is plenty of happiness to be found in the now. 

Perhaps, there is just enough time for one last play on our favourite beach.

Before we bid a fond farewell, to our wind turbine laden island. 

Thank you for a wonderful year.

No doubt, we'll visit you again,

but these boots were made for exploring. 

A new adventure is calling on the wind.

(I may have limited internet for about a week from next Wednesday, so if there isn't a post for a bit, we'll be back, and hopefully more regular as per last year.)

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Love my Nikon!

This post was intended to be a series of posts, but my camera cord went missing. As such, this has become more of a photo dump, to the theme of, look at the pretty pictures my new camera takes! 

Daddy dragon bought me a new Nikon for christmas. This was not an easy decision. I love Canon lenses, but I’m a Nikon girl at heart. I love the feel, build and utility of the Nikon. I just, I don’t know, perhaps the grass is always greener. Most photos on the blog have been with my nice little brick of a Canon. I have a little point and click Nikon, that honestly has such a rubbish lens... Anyways, I’ve got this lovely D3200, and now I can’t stop browsing lenses. I love this model and I am very pleased with my initial photography attempts. 

The sky out here is something that you really need to see in person. I did not fully understand the concept of sky scape, until I came up here. I’m ruined for city life. I could not go back to only having a little picture box view of the sky. 

One day, I must figure out how to take photos of the stars. The sky at night is every bit as beautiful, as it is at beginning and end of the day.

These are the Easter chicks, well a few of them.

Super cute, little fluffy bottoms.

These two,

I am certain are conspiring.

A cute hatchling here,

and here.

One chick feels that dinnerware is an inappropriate photo prop.

This chick is called Hank.

Hank the hen.

Hank is a pirate chicken.

Adorable isn't he?

I mean the hatchling, of course.

It occurs to me that the chicken is the one who actually hatched. I had meant to refer to the boy.

This hatchling wants help with her project, and as such, I shall wish you a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Dolly's new possy

One naughty dog tore through my coop.

Leaving just one hen.

She has been a lonely feathered soul.

And now she has new friends:

The 'little red hens'.

I was quite worried she wouldn't take to them. 

She had become a people bird. 

I appreciate it sounds a little silly, but I am really pleased that the reds have decided to treat her as their  sovereign.

She was never the popular hen amongst our hens and part of me, that enjoys movies where the underdog comes out on top, is really pleased for her. 

Welcome to the family little red hens!