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Sunday, 4 November 2012

The age of not believing

(copied from leelouzworld)

The hatchlings, particularly my girls are growing up far faster than I'd like. Not because I wish them to stay infantile, but, sniff, it is nice when your children are still young enough to see your foibles as strengths.

For example, last night was our local bonfire, and fireworks night.

After packing the car full of hatchlings, and kit, and then remembering the chocolate chip cookies, and juice, we set off.

We sat and watched the fireworks from our warm snug car, and it was lovely.

Then we drove home.


Yeah, if only. You see, I  have made something of a reputation for myself in the 'getting lost' department.

Back when my eldest was 3 years old, she would look up at me with her big blue eyes, and tell me how much fun 'going on adventures' was.

When we took a wrong turn and spent thirty minutes trying to find a new way home, we'd 'find new places' and have 'adventures'.

For a brief while, they actually seemed to look forward to these deviations on our route home.

My pointing out all the new things we'd never seen before, sometimes stopping for cake and hot chocolate in a cafe we did not previously know existed while I asked directions, and fairly often finding a new play park which we'd return to on purpose a dozen more times.

About a year ago, the change had started, I made a wrong turn at a roundabout and ended up going east, when I wanted to go west. Seriously, those British roundabouts are not always as simple as they sound, in the dark, in rush hour traffic.... (that is my story and I am sticking to it.)

Well, that detour took me nearly 2 hours to correct.

There was no joy from the hatchlings, despite my pitstop to a petrol station to try to find a map, and buying celebratory chocolate, because we had never ever been here before. Woohoo!

The looks, sheesh.

When we arrived back in our own drive, the hatchlings began to question me, 'What is the gas milage on the car mama?' and say things like, ' You could have bought this and that if you hadn't gotten lost and spent it on petrol!'

Then last night, hatchling no1 told me, 'If that is what bonfire night is going to be like, well from now on, I think I'll stay home.'


So, I guess my adventure days are numbered.


Well, at this rate, it won't be long and hatchling no1 will be wanting to drive.

Maybe then she can get us home the first try, or maybe she might just have to re - learn to love going on adventures.

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