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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Crochet Christmas gifts

This is my start to our homemade gifts this year. 

I've made each of the hatchlings a pair of slippers.

Just a plain sole, and then a brighter colour up top. 

and a scarf to match.

Some darker and chunkier slippers for the boys.

I have a series of hats I am making and I'll do a post when they are all completed.

Here is the Christmas pudding hat I made.

And one very wonky handbag, using the scraps of wool I had for a little girl who wants a rainbow purse.... well, it isn't pinterest worthy, but it will make her happy.

I would love to say here is the pattern but the truth is I have never used one. If there is sufficent interest I'll post the steps I have used, but for the most part they are just really easy crafts.

Take for instants the scarf and slippers. The matching set took about 6 hours to make. Total cost of the wool used: 65 pence

Hard to beat that really.

Next week I'll post the sewing projects we are making as Christmas gift ideas.

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