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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Happy Diamond Jubilee

The hatchlings have been singing 'We wish you a merry Diamond Jubilee...' for about two weeks now.

Yesterday, was finally the big day.

There was ice cream, and cotton candy, bouncy castles, and races.

This hatchling won a coconut in the coconut throw.

This hatchling entered every race going.

All the hatchlings did the sack races. Sooo cute!

Bad mama award here - 'Mama my 'boon up in the clouds...' (While mama is asking him to smile for a photo... oops!)

There was a jubilee tea, the children received jubilee gifts, and then there was a dance which went on late... very late.

These little hatchlings danced until it was dusk... which is as dark as it gets here!

Thankfully, they slept in,... new hatchling record, 8:30am!!!!

That is so going in their little baby books. Especially hatchling no1, it only took 8 years, but she finally slept in past 6am... (all you new sleep deprived mamas out there, ignore this, I am sure yours will sleep.... one day.... mwhahahahaha. I mean soon, really. ;D)

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