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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Little Miss Naughty

This little girl right here. She has the biggest heart. She loves with every inch of her person, and mothers her little brothers as though they were her own. She is a loyal friend and I feel very privileged to have her as my companion. She is sweet, and funny, and loves baking.

Sometimes though, I get the impression the hatchlings wake up and think - Right, today, I am as big as I have ever been. After primping their feathers a little they come to the conclusion that today just might be the day they climb the social ladder. 

It is days like these where what I see as naughty behaviour or a tantrum, probably seems to them like they are showing me exemplary levels of generosity.

Today, for instance, I think hatchling no3 thought, oh dear my mama is looking a bit tired. I bet she could use a break. Being a big 4 years old, I rather think I could run the show.  

It looks easy enough.  

So we butt heads, again and again. As I insist, things are fine. I'm in control, and everything is fine. 

She is not convinced.

I swear, tantrum number three was her saying, 'Are you sure? How sure?'

'20% sure?'

'30% sure?'

'50% sure?'

'75% sure?'

'Really, you are starting to twitch, I'm not sure you are sure.'

Then, at some point, balance is restored. She calms down, regains her cool.

And looks at me like sheesh, you didn't have to get so worked up about it. I was just asking.

So cute, but some days,... a little big for her boots.

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