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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hanging the wreath and more more mince pies

Hatchling no1 has been shopping extensively for the perfect wreath for our front door.

This has become of great importance.

Do not mess with a house proud hatchling, especially the pre - teen variety, and I say that lovingly.

She finally found THE ONE.

At the quiet sum of £58.99

Yeah, that was not going to happen.

We have like a whole lot'a lot'a windows to buy and all sorts of other places to spend money.

But motherly guilty, and joy that she takes pride in our home, made me very keen to indulge her.

So, I bought an 'ugly' £1 wreath from the pound store, and a ±£1 string of lights.

And I set about knitting up the ends of old balls of yarn and came up with a snowman and two little owls.

And thankfully, my hatchling is please, she hung it on our front door today, and sighed happily.

Which makes me happy.

Mince pies also make me happy, and I have been making trays of these again most of the day long. 

I am going to be snowman shaped, by the end of this holiday with all the brandy cream and pastry I have eaten...

and it is so worth it!

Just in case you fancy some mince pies, here is the link to our recipe:

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