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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Do you ever become distracted?

So much so, that maybe 

you loose just what you had fought so hard to get in the first place?

Now, obviously the goal is to never let it get quite so bad, but sheesh, does anyone else struggle with this like I do? I feel like I jump from one distraction to the next. 

Each, perfectly reasonable, and with good intentions...

I start off organising the paperwork, de - cluttering closets, and begin my week with a perfectly laid out work plan.

Then, I get side tracked, by cleaning out the car, and start a completely different work project entirely! (I am self employed, hence I have that luxury.)

Home education has been the biggest offender in terms of distraction for us. I will spend weeks researching, sourcing, and preparing for a term. And by mid - term we have gone off on some complete tangent. 

We were supposed to do biomes. We are now doing the periodic table.

We had meant to be revising multiplication to improve their automatic recall, instead we have strayed into geometry and area calculation. 

We had a day that was meant to be dedicated to lap books. Then we had a call to come see the seals giving birth on the beach just down the road from our house. Needless to say, the lap book projects were put off.

One hatchling was meant to be putting more effort into her sight recognised words, but all she wants to do is subtraction with carrying over. She is only 4, and to be honest, I am just happy she is enjoying it so much.

It isn't terrible, but it does kind make me feel like I do not follow through as often as I'd like to say I do. 

Life just does not seem to follow the plan I devised on paper. Stomps feet

Most of the time I am okay with it, but for that little voice that says, 'You should always finish what you started on.'

Do you have that voice? Is it really that important? Because I am this close to squashing my Jiminy Cricket. 

Now, I am not going to throw out my conscience.

But, today, I am not going to feel guilty for being guided by life. I am choosing not to feel frustrated that I am not always in charge. 

And I think I feel a lot better for it.

Life, it happens, and that is alright.

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  1. I stopped by from the 2 bags full blog to grow your blog party! I enjoyed your post about distractions. As the educator of my 14 year old son, I find some subjects are lagging, but we have completed two others!! Go with the moment and the interest!