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Friday, 13 April 2012

Missing you

We were missing you, so we went out for a walk.

Being a bright sunny day, we met many a neighbor.

This little guy has five thousand identical twins. He says, he is tough, but we found the rabbits come up close for some chick crumb. Not the brightest bunny, he doesn't seem to understand the hatchlings as they discuss stew, but he is really soft.

This is Nate. Nate likes having his face stroked and likes to nibble hair. The girls have been offered to come over and ride Nate if they'd like. 

Not neighbors, per say, but the cattle probably deserve a mention. They tolerate our attempts to feed them apples admirably. (Does anyone know why they act so petrified of apples?)

Just outside my bedroom window, I look out at these guys.

So darn cute.

There are more lambs on this island right now than people. We stood and watched one trying to stand up in the wind. What a way to come in to the world, and be wind blown dry. 

There is one sheep that comes to the fence and Maaaaaahs! right at me each morning. Her voice is deep and she maintains eye contact like she is trying to tell me something. Whether she's trying to say 'Good grief all you people look alike! Are you my person? I'd like to lodge a complaint.', or ' Maaaaaaaan, that is a waste of good pineapple top, just chucking it in the compost.', or maybe I'm loosing it... thinking the sheep are talking to me. 

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