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Friday, 6 December 2013

Advent day 6: Snowy day Snowglobes

The weather has been cold and very windy.

Too cold to spend anymore time outside, than is really necessary.

Thankfully, today, the wind eased.

And hatchlings could get outside,

and burn off some of their cooped up in the house,

bored with all things indoors


Some of the ducks came out of their house

and followed the hatchlings.

Never seeming to mind being the target of many a snowball.

This guy here,

he does not accept his ducks being turned into targets.

After giving his siblings a very loud lecture, he herded the ducks to safety.

Ducks do not listen to good advice.

Hence, they were back out chasing snowballs and lying down next to the hatchlings' snow fort projects within minutes.

The hens found the best sunbeam.

Before too long the wind picked back up.

When the girls declared they were cold, I made the boys come inside to dry their mittens. (I am so pleased with these. I've knitted at least a dozen pairs this year.)

Kitties snooze by the radiator.

Today's craft was snow globes. 

Made with clear plastic bowls.

So much easier than leaky, water filled jars. 

No broken glass either. Should your three year old throw his snow globe in the air with excitement.

Happy snowy day!

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