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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Love my Nikon!

This post was intended to be a series of posts, but my camera cord went missing. As such, this has become more of a photo dump, to the theme of, look at the pretty pictures my new camera takes! 

Daddy dragon bought me a new Nikon for christmas. This was not an easy decision. I love Canon lenses, but I’m a Nikon girl at heart. I love the feel, build and utility of the Nikon. I just, I don’t know, perhaps the grass is always greener. Most photos on the blog have been with my nice little brick of a Canon. I have a little point and click Nikon, that honestly has such a rubbish lens... Anyways, I’ve got this lovely D3200, and now I can’t stop browsing lenses. I love this model and I am very pleased with my initial photography attempts. 

The sky out here is something that you really need to see in person. I did not fully understand the concept of sky scape, until I came up here. I’m ruined for city life. I could not go back to only having a little picture box view of the sky. 

One day, I must figure out how to take photos of the stars. The sky at night is every bit as beautiful, as it is at beginning and end of the day.

These are the Easter chicks, well a few of them.

Super cute, little fluffy bottoms.

These two,

I am certain are conspiring.

A cute hatchling here,

and here.

One chick feels that dinnerware is an inappropriate photo prop.

This chick is called Hank.

Hank the hen.

Hank is a pirate chicken.

Adorable isn't he?

I mean the hatchling, of course.

It occurs to me that the chicken is the one who actually hatched. I had meant to refer to the boy.

This hatchling wants help with her project, and as such, I shall wish you a wonderful weekend.

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