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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A child is not a vase to filled but a fire to be lit

Why home educate/ unschooling?

But the school has so many more resources than you...

Are you scared they couldn't compete?

But what about socialisation?

The thing is that what we all need is to be loved, to be believed in and to have someone out there take the time to listen to us.

We have created a society that holds holy reverence of institutions, and yet speaks crassly of family, religion and morals.

Kindness, empathy and original ideas are stomped flat, thrown out and replaced by nice neat conformity.

Sit still, sit straight, don't talk.

Take your number, get used to being a number, you are only worth the number we give you.

What is up with that?

When did we decide that anyone but a parent is the best person to guide a child into adulthood?

What about freedom of mind?

Most would agree we should all have the right to think, feel, and believe on our own terms. Without someone else prying continually into our heads. And yet, children are experimented on with one educational system after the next, prodded and tested, measured and evaluated.

Does that build confidence in our children?

Does this nurture them and help them to grow better?

My job as a parent is to try to do the best I can. I have set my priorities and I value my family over someone else's agenda.

I can not see how freedom is gained by handing my children over to strangers and then having to ask permission to spend time with them.

I do not understand how one teacher can take the time to work through the sheer volume of course material, and let's be honest the giant millstone of busy work they throw at these poor kids, and still manage to listen to each child every day.

This is part of why I wake up each day and make the choices I am making. I do not expect anyone else to make the same choices I do. I do not judge or compare you to myself. 

I do not accept that there is one best way for all. I don't believe that institutions have our best interests at heart. Not because they are bad, or the people working there are not great at their jobs, but because I believe my children deserve my time, love and effort. Most of all, they need me to trust in them and believe in us.

Check out this TED vid if you are interested.


  1. Grandma dragon7 March 2013 at 09:32

    You know how much I agree with you! You are doing a great job, and I loved the TED. In fact I think I will embed it in my blog.

  2. I keep thinking I must do a post on why we home educate but keep stalling as it is so hard to put it into words and do it justice. You've done a great job and I agree with everything you say. I feel blessed everyday to have my children home with me. You are also very fortunate to have Grandparental support, judging by the above comment, that is one thing we don't have and it makes for a greater challenge at times!