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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

When in doubt throw it out!

I have too much junk.

That seems to be my mantra these days. I don't know when I woke up, looked around me and thought holy moly where did all this stuff come from!

Maybe, I could blame the countryside. The wide open fields, the sea that meets the sky, so it really does look like the earth stretches out forever.

Inside though; is clutter here, clutter there, clutter clutter everywhere!

And I have come to an eery realisation, every object we own, we have to take care of.

Each object I spend my time on, is time I am not spending else where.

Well, I want to spend time caring for people, not stuff.

So, to reflect this I am going to throw out/ give away 100 items for 100 days.

That is my goal.

100 things.

Because then I will have 100 moments more to spend where they are most important.

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