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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Junk begets junk

Through the cupboards I go,

and as I take items out

I am determined

to put a few less back in.

I thought this would be hard.

But I have been surprised 

by just how many duplicates I have.

How is it that I have 3 or 4 of so many things?

Even if I keep two, I am still getting rid of 2...

And these breeding t-shirt collections. 

I gave away 48 t-shirts that belonged to Hatchling no3, in February!

How and why does she has over 30 t-shirts today?

Not exactly austerity over here.

Work changes are making me look deeper than this surface level stuff.

New opportunities present themselves 

and I am frustrated,

because I can not reach up and touch the stars

with my hands full.

Full of stuff,

often used and broken,

full of stuff,

no longer important.

I am seeing how I sometimes make decisions because of habits.

I thought I had made enough hard decisions this year. 

And yet I see I have often simply made the same choices over again.

I need to let go of my pre conceptions, 

and then maybe,

I can chase a few dreams that flutter past like butterflies on a breeze.

So, to the loft, you are my next physical hurdle to over come.

And to my many time wasting habits, I am focusing on you, and my self doubt.

Even if I never catch them, I would rather have tried, then to have sat and watched them go past.


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