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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Our Stoptober results

She knit a tie to wear, and made one for both her brothers.

Hatchling no4 told me, 'Busy working hard for my monies, no picture!'

Hatchling no1 sat down with my bank statement that came through the post.


How is that for being honest with my hatchlings eh?

Anyways, she has laid out our budget for November.

Seems she has come to approve of my Stoptober approach.

She wants us to press on through November, and see if we can make it until our trip to the mainland.

She has list you see...

A list of items only available on the mainland,

and she wants to be certain

that there are funds available when the time comes.

She has even written in a weekly allowance just for me.

Generous hatchling that she is. 

I do not mind though, because it is tough to go from a fully functioning household,

to a home of your own.

Suddenly, faced with so many choices and budgeting seems awfully vague.

Until your bank balance looks red and angry.

(Before daddy dragon faints, a rather revised version of this hatchling's budget will be put into effect,.... with a significant departure from the original 'shoe shopping' allowance she had stipulated.)

Thus I am keen to involve these hatchlings in seeing what comes in and out of our bank account, so they can understand it is not magic. It is rock solidly painful if we become careless.

Not that we have anything to complain about, but we don't have room for large blunders, or simply denying the truth, that money is a limited resource.

One that needs balancing, and careful tending.

Stoptober has been good for us.

We have really given reducing, reusing, and recycling a fair try.

Unlike how I thought we'd feel, we actually feel energised and ready to try even harder.

Quite fun really.

I suppose that says it all, it is fun because it is a choice, and I am very very thankful, I have the choice.

Our stoptober results have seen us make our target of spending £9.98, £8.87, £10.04, and this week £9.56. (The goal was £10 a week)

We managed to make £91.24 by putting stuff we don't need on ebay. I'd love to say we did well, but we shifted 84 items. Sigh, a little less than my hope for £120.00 but still, there is a little more room, and a few more pennies in the kitty.

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  1. I am so proud of you, and the hatchlings.