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Monday, 22 October 2012

Habits die hard

We must become the change we want to see

It takes roughly three weeks to break a habit, according to random google searches.

And now three weeks in, this habit is starting to feel a little more natural.

The habit of not shopping that is.

It is so easy and normal to just buy stuff.

When we moved from the city to the country, I lost the habit of just popping into the shop to pick up an item or two, and it was freeing.

Though, being completely truthful, I replaced it.

I started shopping online.

Anything and everything, on Amazon, right at my finger tips. So much cheaper than at Tescos too!

A good deal, I told myself.

Which is true to a point.

I am not actually anti stuff, I love my stuff.

And I have so many people to buy for.

People that I love to spoil, and show my affection for. My desire to full fill their needs, and often their wants, through purchasing.

That, I think, is part of the problem.

The, I love my stuff and the purchasing, part. Not the people.

The flip side is I want to spend my time and money intentionally, and I want to consume consciously.

I don't want a completely minimulist lifestyle. ( Paws off my holiday decorations... and craft supplies, and ....)

But I need to have a plan, and be the one in control.

A sort of budget of how much can my home hold?

How much do I really use, and need?

It is difficult to part with what you have. Perhaps, not acquiring it in the first place makes it all just a little bit simpler.


Either way, 21 22 days of not buying stuff, and I am pretty happy about that.

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  1. Hello Mama Dragon, I recently found your blog via Frugal Queen ~ lovely to see you particularly as I am on Orkney too! I'm out on Papa Westray with my two little girls ~ trying to live a simpler life. Great to 'meet' you - Amanda (beyondastralskies@live.co.uk)

  2. Nice to meet you too. :D That is so cool you are out on Papa Westray, practically neighbours! Thank you for visiting my blog, if you are ever on Sanday stop in for a cup of tea and come play.

    1. Thank you, I'd LOVE to, my girls would love to play with yours and we can get quite isolated over here. And failing that I can wave at you from over here!

    2. And I also meant to say, if you ever feel like a visit to Papay, do give me a shout. Would love to meet you.