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Friday, 26 October 2012

Cold, wet and windy

It has been a cold day.

The wind has blown hard, and brought in hail over and over again.

We've had a lot of snow and sleet.

For a fair part of the day it has been so dark and grey it hasn't really looked like daytime at all.

Sounds miserable doesn't it?

Not to me!

It has been a beautiful day, one of my favourite kinds of day.

We've stayed inside, mostly, and baked, and knitted, and played train set.

We've read stories, and made paper mache pumpkins and listened to hatchling no1 play the piano.

It has been a snug and cozy sort of day.

Hatchling no5 has been fretful and clingy as he breaks in his new teeth.

This weather has made for the perfect excuse to stay home and cuddle him for hours.

Our dear boy puppy was put out to play and what did he do?

He spent the afternoon curled up fast asleep in his little house. 

Even he felt it was day to spend in bed. 

Which is pretty significant given he had steadfast refused to go into his house up until now. 

Spoiled pup.

Not my crate. No Blankies??? No thanks!

Well, he was pretty happy with it today!

Today has been a wonderful day, and I do hope that your Friday has been a good day too.

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