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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Fast food gone mad

Bon app├ętit!

I'm not trying to knock the occasional meal out or what have you, but seriously some things are too easy to make at home and really shouldn't be needed on a mass market scale.
Who buys this stuff:
Pre - peeled banans?
Pre-Peeled, Re-Wrapped Bananas Sign of the Apocalypse

Seriously folks, lets take a little pride in preparing what we eat.
Having read on another blog about a return to food rationing, I started reading up on food market trends. There does seem to be a fair amount of evidence to suggest food has, as we are all well aware of, gone up drastically in price, and is set to continue for as long as we can predict. One paper suggested that this was inevitable due to a lack of knowledge in basic cooking skills. 
Apparently, we as a society have lost the ability to prepare simple home made meals on budget.
Now that is just rubbish!
Unless, of course, there is truth in market research, and in which case the proof is in the photo.
So, given it is autumn, go out and make home made soup, and put those opposable thumbs to good use - peel your own bananas!

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