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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Summer days

Can you believe it is August? 

I can't.

The days whip past in a blur.

It is almost that time again.

Time to get out the pens and pencils.

And books.

I love books.

I have read so many other home educating families' plans for their upcoming year.

And I am catching the buzz.

It is so exciting, being a part of this learning and growing journey with my children.

This year we are focusing on 8 core subjects. 

We will probably bounce in the odd focus study, or lap book, but we are going to keep it simple. 

(Read, let's not burn out.)



Language arts (Reading, writing, dictation, spelling and grammar)




Basic skills (Sewing, knitting, cooking, and crafts)

Faith/ Family Values

We love art, which I am sorely tempted to add in, as one hatchling is currently deep in study of different painting techniques, but I won't. Sometimes, it is better not to have a formal category. It sort of limits learning so we don't study art, we just do it.

Happy new school year everyone!

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