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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Potty, crafts, and cookies

It has been grey and foggy, a little bit rainy.

Well, it was a little bit rainy after I put the pushchair into the garage.

For the hour I forgot it outside, it poured.

Out came the craft tubs, and books. We have a lot of arts and crafts stuff.

Quite possibly enough to open a shop. Seriously. 

Anyways, my hoarding and lack of organisation is another post entirely.

One hatchling made up for my lack of indulging her shoe shopping habits...

another made elephants,

and one little left handed mermaid, made a mermaid of herself. Completely on her own, because left handed scissors rock.

This little guy had his first store bought cookie, because he has two teeth now, and well, he grabbed it right out of his brother's hand as he ran past.

A stolen cookie. 

See that concentration: It is intense. As he takes in all those cookie flavours for the first time.

Aren't babies wonderful?

One little hatchling has decided to begin playing relay race with the potty.

He says, 'Need da toilet.' and then tries to run through every room in the house twice before heading to the bathroom... and making a mess on the floor.

When I remind him, only poo in the potty gets a treat, he picks it up and tosses it in the toilet.

I told him doesn't count if it didn't get there first try.

He says, 'Awe man! I got poo on mine hand and everything.'


One great thing about this being number four, I am just so over getting wound up about these things. 

(insert hysterical laughter)

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  1. His comment is just as funny in print as it was when you told me on the telephone. They may be little, but in so many ways they are so adult!