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Friday, 3 August 2012

Nature vs Nurture

Is it a case of a bad egg? Or is a chick influenced by its early experiences?

We had one egg hatch out of the clutch our broody hen has been sitting on. One poor little chick which required rescuing when I found him/ her being carried about by a toe in the garden by a different hen. 

Into the house I brought this little chick and popped it into the brooder with the fire brigade. The fire brigade welcomed the chick.... until they noticed it's dark purple toe. Even to me, it looks like a mealworm. For the little chick's sake, I separated it again, hopeful something would come of the Welsummer eggs that were due to hatch. 

Now, this chick has friends, and what does it do? It pecks at their eyes, tries to drag them around by their toes, and tosses them over by their beaks. It is violent and thuggish and wants to eat them. 

I live in a society that believes that we all can be helped behave a little more neighbourly with some detention... should we be the violent thug type. So, in the name of justice, this cute little birdy is serving time.

(The yellow chick is a Buff Sussex, and the multi coloured brown chicks are Welsummers.)

Hopefully, a little rehabilitation, and some good company will teach him to be an upstanding chicken.

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