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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Rice krispys

In this house, cereal is a rarity.

The hatchlings take turns picking out a box, which then sits in the cupboard, sometimes for months.

Until mama gets sick, or morning sick, at which point out comes the cereal.

Easy breakfast, I can almost stomach smelling in the first three months of pregnancy.

A gentle treat on poorly hatchling tummies when a stomach bug goes through the house.

Typically, cereal has been stored away in the top cupboards.

Yesterday, I needed a box, to send a parcel, to someone dear to me.

So, I stole the Rice Krispy box, and shoved the bag in a bottom cupboard.


This little guy has never been shy about helping him self.

He wakes up from a nap, and scratching the back of his head, he heads straight into the kitchen and opens the fridge.

It has never occurred to him that all food was not specifically placed there for him.

So, when I looked up from bathing the baby, and heard him saying, 'Mmmm... not bad. Little bit crunchy.'

I was not surprised.

When I found him here -

I was not thrilled, but not surprised. My bad. 

When I saw this, I thought I better forewarn you.

We left your boots by the shoe rack.


But forewarned is forearmed, right?

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