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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Walking sideways

It has been one of those weeks where for whatever reason, I just feel like I'm walking sideways.

Too many hour long phone calls with government offices, and animal health statistics analysis types.

I paid my annual tax bill in a single lump sum. Then they returned it, so I paid it again, then they returned it. They want it monthly now,...  I paid the first instalment, and now they want late charges???

Wah! My head is not designed for paper work, and such. I just want to auto debit it and not think about it again. Or better still pay it off and not think about it until next April. 

Anyways, the days have been flipped around and back to front. Like small children with their shirts inside out and backwards. It rains all day, and is sunny all night. 

Very confusing, especially for small people.

At 3am, yes, 3 am... we went out to play. (I wasn't allowed to sleep anyways, and hey, here's hoping winter brings hibernation right? Or maybe the rain will lull them into a nap, this afternoon.)

If you can't

beat them,

join them, right?

I think he is finally ready for bed!

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  1. Grandma dragon!5 July 2012 at 08:15

    Oh my darling your blogs are lovely, and how you manage to do them and everything else I don't know!