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We are a hard working, family of eight. Swimming in the sea when we aren't busy on our small holding. Daddy dragon has to work away a lot, so this blog is to let him keep up with our adventures at home.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Gone caving...

If you came down the main road, you would never know, this beach existed.

If you do not go up a very steep cow track, and climb under the electric fence, you wouldn't see this.

If you did not slide on your bottom, down the grass, you would not see this.

Or this.

Or this.

Lots of caves, big and small,

just waiting to be explored.

Next time, I'll bring an extra set of camera batteries. So, I can take a photo of the hidden beach inside the cave, and show you the girls, trying to wedge themselves between rocks.

Only at low tide of course, and with cation. 

The tides change quite swiftly.


  1. This looks like a dream of a place to live and to be able to explore. Your pictures are beautiful and definitely capture the atmosphere of these places. Thank you again for sharing them!

  2. Grandma dragon!4 July 2012 at 17:45

    The hidden beach sounds truly awesome, I hope you get a photo one day, but do beware those tides!