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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hatchling land

The hatchlings have decided. They are going to run their own country.

'It is the only way forward.' Hatchling no2 told me. 'This country is in debt. I can't afford it.'

This kid is smart. Too smart. And I need to stop leaving my computer open to the daily newspaper.

Hatchling no1 and hatchling no2 have been writing laws, and have divided up the world map. They have big plans.

'First thing, first.' Hatchling no1 says, 'We need to start building our currency.'

'The rest of the world uses cash.'

'We'll use cats.'

'I think money makes people mean.' says Hatchling no2.

'But we need money to make people join our army, we are going to have to find a way to guard our borders. Everybody will want to come to our country, you know.'

'Fine, but let's keep it simple one wage for everyone. Except the rubbish men. Let's pay them double.'

'Yeah, anyone who does stinky jobs gets double.'

Our children, our future... This should be interesting.

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