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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Just like daddy

A little boy asked for a photo of him with daddy.

This is the last one I took when you were here in April.

Next time, let's get the kid a face shot, eh?

 He is now wandering around the house in a winter hat saying, 'Look, I am daddy!'

So, I take him to the mirror, again.

And paint for him, the face of daddy, in his;

your forehead, 

above eyes, shaped just like yours, but coloured just like mine,

and your chin.

I show him how his big puppy paws, are not shaped like mine.

His soft pudgy boy fingers that square off at the ends, with nails that tear away like paper..

just like daddy's.

He looks closely, presses his nose right up to the glass,

and says, 'I am awfully handsome today.'

Yep, just like daddy.

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  1. I hope he knows how much I miss him, and all the other hatchlings. I look forward to a time when I don't need to be so far away.