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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Poison, the over population myth

The girls had a friend around today.

As the baby burst into tears and hatchling no4 jumped off the sofa for the forty ninth time, she told me, in all her 10 year old wisdom, 'You have too many children.'

A bit taken aback by the comment, I replied, 'But if I had less children some of them wouldn't be here. I feel very lucky to have them.'

'If I had to pick,' she looked at me sternly, 'I'd get rid of the boys. They are too noisy. Maybe hatchling no3, she isn't as much fun to play with. Then you would have two. Two children is perfect.'


Are people aware, are they conscious, of these poisons we spoon feed/ allow to be spoon fed, into our children?

Now, our conversation went on for some time. The general gist of which came down to her teacher taught her that the world is over populated, and we are all killing ALL of the precious and far more adorable animals.

So, the seals deserve life, and not the babies... well I could insert an appropriate joke or two, about how I see things differently being Canadian and all.... but I was talking to a child.

I spent most of the conversation just listening, because I genuinely believe that is often what a child needs most. I don't even know if it is worth justifying why I believe it is so indescribably sad that we are poisoning children against other humans, all for the sake of a myth. The world population demographics are skewed. I could post a dozen or more decent links as to why, but seriously, watch Demographic Winter, and then do the research for yourself. The long and short is we have way too few babies being born to support our ageing population.

Regardless, to the man on the bus in 2008 who shouted abuse at me as a 'feckless breeder', to the woman who asked me each and every time I entered the grocery shop 'Why would you do this to your self?', and to the nurse in my GP's office who after both of my last pregnancies gave me the advice I really ought to have my husband mutilated... sorry 'snipped' as this was no way to live my life....

Babies are blessings.

I am so thankful for those that I have been given.

No, they do not fit in cute little ikea storage baskets... (well not for long)

Yes, they do cost money, and time, and patience, and more wisdom, than I feel I am ever going to have.

But, so did each and every one of us.

Why is it so hard to step over a little, make a little space, welcome a new face, love a little bigger?

Why do we spread our own worst fears?

Babies are blessings.

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  1. Grandma dragon!16 June 2012 at 09:07

    They are, and they are very precious! We do have to have a gentler 'footprint' but kids of the hatchling's quality are very much needed.