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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday afternoons

Are well spent building forts.

Washing toys.

Making rice shakers, and playing measuring games,

brooming cars too..,

knocking down block towers,

and making granola bars.

Earlier, they had said, I want to make something,

an owl,

a dog,

a star,

a hedgehog,

a dumper truck,

and a sunrise.

Hatchling no4 decided to start cooking,

'Eat dinner Mama, it so tasty!'

And when they were done with the pasta, lentils, and rice, I swept it all into a big pot.

I turned on the kettle and poured it over all the played with goods.

And once it was soft and eatable,

I served it up to the dogs.

Today, aside from washing a few, the hatchlings have not played with toys, and have been very happy, and it does make me really think hard about the gift purchase to come for the string of winter birthdays and holidays. I think with the hatchling play room stuffed full to bursting perhaps, we ought to give away more than we receive this year, perhaps by three fold.

There is so much that clutters up our lives and it doesn't need to be there. Yet, for some reason it can be so hard to part with, but I think we are ready.

Time to clear out closets and make a little space, and maybe find room to do new things that were inhibited by all the stuff.

Now, just to convince the hatchlings...

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