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Saturday, 8 September 2012


Autumn is quite probably my favourite season. 

Right now, we are loosing daylight at a rate of roughly 5 minutes a day. That is a complete hour of daylight every twelve days. If there was ever an indicator to make me realize just how quickly time passes, or how precious it is, well this is certainly offering me perspective.

For me, autumn has always been marked by brightly coloured leaves, and the smell of damp blackberry bushes after a heavy rain.

We do not have a whole lot in the way of trees out here, and I've not seen a blackberry since I cleared out the freezer in the city. 

The hatchlings were on the job. 

They made us an autumn tree.

And had a pretty good time doing it.

They even went the extra mile.

Insisting their baby brother needed the experience,

of falling leaves.

Which he thought was awesome.

Autumn has arrived, and I am thankful for brightly coloured leaves, and joyful hatchlings. 

Happy Autumn.

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  1. Cool tree! Can't believe Autumn is upon us although it was so hot in London today! His happy face is adorable :)