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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


It is no secret that I love potatoes.

What I would like to share though is how easy it is to grow your own.

See those up there. 


Fresh potatoes straight from the ground. 

The skin is so delicate it rubs off, and they mash soft and buttery. 

I have chosen maris pipers because they make perfect baked spuds, and fluffy chips/ fries.

You don't need a lot of space, I have even used a grocery bag, seriously, to grow them in.

Put three spuds that have sprouted under 3-4 inches of dirt in the ground, or in a bag.

When the green plant comes up, cover it up with more dirt, until you've mounded dirt around it to about 18 inches high or filled your grocery bag. 

Once it flowers, the plant is done, and you just turn your grocery bag upside down. 

Voila, three old spuds becomes about thirty perfect new ones. 

So easy, you really won't want to bother buying them ever again.

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  1. About 30, wow sounds like an excellent return! Maris piper is a good choice :)