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Friday, 23 November 2012

Unable to wait

My hatchlings have been singing jingle bells for months.

Honestly, months...

If it was up to them the Christmas tree would have been set up in October September.

I am trying to encourage them to wait for the 1st of December.

That is really the limit on early, I think.

It is, however, wonderful to live with such enthusiastic people.

I love their 'can't wait' exuberance. 

It makes the holiday for me. 

They are itching, and almost raw, with their need to decorate.

So, I have pulled down the autumn tree, and replaced it with an ever green.

They have been busy making and sticking. 

I will post a photo of the whole wall once they are satisifed with it.

Which will probably be the day before I remove it. 

They like to just keep adding to their murals. 

A living wall, if you would.

What I have found interesting, is their choice of creation.

Hatchling no1 makes pretty sparkly things.

Sparkly diamonds, baubbles, and tinsel.

Hatchling no2 makes fairies, and animals.

All things shiny and pompom.

Hatchling no3 makes volcanoes.

Lots of Christmas volcanoes.

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