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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Gentle November morning

The sun rise over the frosty field was beautiful this morning, 

and two puppies watch the turkeys dance.

'It is too cold to play outside.'

I am sure that is what their expressions say.

Girl puppy closes her eyes for photos, every time. 

I do not know why.

The turkeys stand and watch the sun come up, all city of angels like.

Then they primp and pluck,

and do their look at me I'm so handsome dance.

The girls watch and rate them.

You think I am talking about the female turkeys?

I'm sure they judge them, 

but I'm referring to my Strictly come dancing obsessed hatchlings.

Who watch from the play room, and hold up score cards for the turkeys.

Strictly come turkey.

It is a thing.

 At least, it is here.

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