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Monday, 9 July 2012

Some Mondays are long

Today has been a long day. 

Isn't it funny how some days just slip through your fingers, and others float about like dust specks in a stream of sunshine. Unending. Or so it feels.

The hatchlings and I travelled to the mainland today to do some shopping. 

It is so effortless to say that.

I recall the first time I ventured out on my own with hatchling no1, her just two-days old, 6 pounds of instinct.

I had a list, I was determined, I could get it done.

One item on my list was to go grocery shopping. I tried repeatedly to go in and shop. Every time I went inside the store, my newly born daughter wailed, that newborn cry that makes your knees wobble and your brain turn off to danger, anything to sooth that baby. Back and forth we went, from the shop to the car, where I'd nurse her back to sleep, and then try again. In the end I gave up, after five hours of trying, I thought that is it, I can't do it. I had a baby and now I'm never going to be able to even buy groceries. Hormones probably had a lot to say for it, but today, I felt great deal of empathy for the me of many years ago. Today was tough, like that. 

Thankfully, the day is done, and tomorrow is a whole new day.

Here's to a relaxed Tuesday, or at least more so than Monday.

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