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Thursday, 5 July 2012

All boy

'Fingers out of your nose!' I told hatchling no4.

'Sumpting live in my nose.' He confided. 

'Nothing lives in your nose, and certainly not fingers.' I told him

'Sumpting scary!' He whispered.

'Fine. Let's blow it out.' I plugged the open nostril.

Take you finger away and blow hard.


Something hit me on the cheek. 


And it was scary.

It was a live fly. A big black one.

Hatchling no4 put his finger up his nose.

'Sumpting live in my nose.'

'It is gone sweetie, all gone.' I said trying to reassure myself.

Hatchling no4 plugged his right nostril again and blew hard.


Another fly hit the carpet.

Still a - freaking - live.

'How many bugs did you put up your nose?' I asked him, hoping it was rhetorical.



'Need a bedroom, so put d'em in mine nose.'

'Uh, no. No bedrooms in your nose.'

He looked at me sympathetically.

'I know 'dat now, Mama.'

So, I had him blow again.

Out came a beetle.

How big are this kid's nostrils... seriously!


'Nope, all gone.'


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