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Friday, 13 July 2012

An apology

40 Mini Clothes Pegs

My hatchlings are very good at trying to be helpful. 

They are always wanting to vacuum, or help trim hooves.

Hoovering up plastic bags, and shoelaces is super helpful, and doesn't ever contribute to more hoover failure....

Regardless, their pleasant disposition is a real joy.

Recently, they have been helping taking the laundry off the clothes line, and bringing it into the house. 

When 200 clothes pegs became only 40, and then I found clothes pegs turned puppets, I grumbled.

You know the usual mama grumble. 

Those are not toys, we need them, blah, blah, blah...

They insisted, they only took a few.

Imagine my embarrassment, when this morning I went out, and found the goats, plucking the clothes pegs off the line like cherries off a tree...

So, to my helpful hatchlings, I apologise. 

Mama was wrong.

I'll buy more clothes pegs, and perhaps some apologetic smarties.

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