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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fish and chips

It must be some sort of cardinal sin to eat frozen battered fish, if you have any choice in the matter.

Perhaps, we are spoilt.

The fishing boat stops here regularly and amongst the many delicious delicacies in life, fresh haddock must be one of them.

The hatchlings' favourite way to eat it, like most children, is fish and chips.


Best beer batter

135 g self raising flour

80g plain flour

25ml milk

1 egg white

100ml beer (good quality not some cheap lager)

I take the haddock fillets and cut them into about 12- 14 little fingers of fish and dip them in this batter. Which comes out so light and crispy, not like the thick stodgy stuff that we put up with from the chipy up the street from us in the city.

You could fry the whole fillet as one big piece, but I use a pot, which is not big enough. Not to mention the hatchlings like things small and finger food sized.

Heat your oil, I shall not debate what kind is best - that is a debate for another day, use what you like best (not olive oil it will smoke), to about 320 degrees, and cook the fish for about 5-6 minutes for small pieces, longer for large ones.

To make your chips, I follow this recipe



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