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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lost tooth

Apparently, I was feeling a lack of being head butted... and uh kicked.

To remedy this we picked up three new goats....

The lost tooth was not mine, thankfully.

One little girl with ice cream on her nose chased turkeys around the farm,

while a little boy, completely covered in ice cream, told the goats, 'You gonna go on da boat!'

I rather wish the goats had been as relaxed about it as he was.


Daisy, the docile. Like Poppy, she is a great big ham.

Violet, the permanently startled. She is already coming around, and thank goodness is not much like her sister, Jasmine. Give this lady a ginger nut biscuit and she is putty in your hand.

Which leads us to Jasmine... the terror spirited. 

Just because she is a total camera hog, here is Poppy.

and so there is no jealousy here is Lilly, and Gobo.

(Naveen is a total bloke. He doesn't care much for having his photo taken, and keeps turning his bottom to me when I try to take a photo.)

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  1. Grandma dragon!15 June 2012 at 17:54

    They are lovely! I don't envy you the milking though. We had two goats, Abigail and Emily. Andrew decided he didn't like goats milk, but we had them to get the field of weeds down.