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We are a hard working, family of eight. Swimming in the sea when we aren't busy on our small holding. Daddy dragon has to work away a lot, so this blog is to let him keep up with our adventures at home.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

A day well spent

The other night, we found ourselves on our favourite beach about an hour after bedtime, just enjoying the sun slowly going down. A man in a white truck slowed down, rolled down the window and told me, 'You are on the wrong beach!'

Today, we took his advice, headed up over the dyke, past the creek, and over the sheep field...

what a wonderful find.





the effort. (It is a big dyke!)

'Can it be a fossil if I name this rock, fossil?'

Hatchling no2 wanted her dolly to learn swimming.

Real mamas take pictures of their hatchlings throwing paddies.

The hatchlings


and ran

and then

ran some more.

Stomping in waves,

and when I said it is time to go home,

 she told me, 'I'm already home Mama!'

A good man (in training) wears dino wells and can navigate a pushchair one handed.

The water is so clear.

Though this hatchling is still a little nervous,

at first.

If you need to track a wild hatchling, start by looking for discarded socks,

followed by claw marks,

and fierce roars.

They'll lead you back to mama's wellies... now full of sand.

Did I tell you,

this hatchling has

started taking

highland dancing?

Sand kitty.

Should a hatchling's trousers become too water logged, simply discard into the sea... safe in the knowledge, mama will swim after them....

This little hatchling,

napped hard.

One of me, taken by hatchling no1.

Just as everyone became good and hungry, the tides changed, and the day was spent, well.


  1. It looks like you had a beautiful day. Sorry I missed it. Glad I could make it happen.

  2. Grandma dragon!15 June 2012 at 17:47

    I loved the 'I am home' comment. Wise child!