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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Days fly by

I am not going to try to justify what has kept me from blogging these last couple days. Instead, I will simply show you.

No, not over there!

Yeah, you!

Let me introduce the new characters. 

The big lady, is Lilly. She is our 38 month old Anglo Nubian cross goat. The little guy is her 6 week old kid. He has been affectionately named 'Gobo'. He is so soft!

This guy here is Naveen.

He is our 12 month old Saanen.

He is one lucky guy, the hatchlings wanted to name the goats.

Here is the short list supplied by the hatchlings for Naveen:



Snow white

White meat ball

White nugget

White paper

Paper poop

White light

Big W


(I told you he was lucky. Their final vote was for White meat ball!)

Here is our sweetie pie.

This is Poppy. She is our 22 month old Anglo Nubian cross.

She likes to cuddle, which make her my favourite. (Shhhhh!)

The hatchlings and I journeyed off down south to collect them.

Hatchling no4 spent the entire 3 and half hour ferry crossing, telling everyone, over and over and over, my goat go on da boat!

You know how everyone says goats are mischievous.

That should not be overlooked.

Because I just want to share a little that is not in photos.

Like goats jump.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone knows goats jump.

It is a heart attack inducing unique experience to have four goats in a box trailer driving on a narrow cliff... when they jump. It feels like the trailer is going to over turn the whole vehicle, or like perhaps the trailer has become unhitched and has banged into the car. 

Nope, just a happy billy goat, showing off to the ladies.


Oh, and goats get sea sick. 

For real.

The moment you open the trailer door, they run like wild fire. 

You find out how awesome they are at hoping streams, fences, and onto the roof. 

I ran my 10k within the first 40 minutes they were home.

I woke up aching like I am 80.

But I have goats.

Maaaaaah dnesss.

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