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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A lazy term

Moving house has led to the hatchlings having a bit of a lazy term schooling wise. (Lazy for me, as I have been doing less of the detail work in lessen plans.) I have relied more heavily on work books and more store bought lesson plans. Which I don't mind too much, it has added a firm back bone of structure in the back ground of the hectic. I am currently working on our next terms lesson plans, which I'll share once it is all complete.

Currently, we have been sticking with classical education based lessons. Reading, writing, spelling and dictation, maths, latin, history, theory of an educated mind, science, value/ morals/ religion/ philosophy(what ever title you want to give it) and unit studies (mostly running with what ever the hatchlings are currently interested in. ) We do a fair bit of art, crafts, and exercise just as normal everyday life so I don't really worry too much about its inclusion unless we are doing a unit study on it specifically.

I think we are just about ready for a change, a little something more out side the box for our summer term. Hmmm... the fun of home education is that the sky really is the limit here.

They are easy going hatchlings, enthusiastic learners, and pretty gosh darn hard working.

Even the little ones.

Those soft little baby fingers write such neat letters.

They have worked so very hard this term through all the change. 

I am really proud of you hatchlings!

(Please don't mind the messy hair. They had baths and 'brushed' their own hair.)

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