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Saturday, 21 April 2012

While the hatchlings play

Today, was a day to slog through the unbelievably horrid headache I am carrying, and just get stuff done.

The girls had turned their bedroom upside down. So, we began by sorting through clothes, books, toys, and treasures. After everything had been returned to its home, we started on the long list of little tedious items.

While I hung the hatchlings a new coat rack,

They played dog training.

While I hung the bathroom mirror,

They practiced their drum solos... all at once. (Did I mention I have a headache?)

While I re - organized the garage, cleaned out the sty, and turned over a patch of ground for our seed potatoes,

(there is no photo of this, it is far too mundane. lol)

The puppy slept,

the hatchlings rode their bikes,

and somehow out of nowhere lunch crept up on us.

So while I made us egg and potato bakes, yum....

the hatchlings played.

Happy headachy Saturday. 

Today, I am thankful for children who play so well together.

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