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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Exciting morning

Last night I had a knock on the door.

A wonderful lady had brought me some fresh fertile scottish buff sussex eggs!

I let them rest alongside our own fresh collected eggs over night.

This morning I woke up and after a great many other chores were completed....

I set our eggs!

I am so excited, and terrified. Will they actually hatch? Or is this going to be like trying to care for fish? I am notoriously bad at caring for fish. I buy every product on the market, trying to make their tank perfect... and they all roll belly up.

Anyways, back to eggs. If anyone has any tips or advice, please leave a comment. I've read a dozen books, and another dozen web pages, but that certainly does not beat experience.

I'd also love to know what the trick is to getting 24 eggs in there. The instructions say 24 hens eggs. I squeezed 18... 

Now we watch and wait for 21 days.

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