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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The day that continues long after dark

I had planned to post about our journey. Which I will... should this day ever actually draw to a close.

Because it has been one of those days.

Where I feel rather like I am bouncing from one catastrophe to the next.

Like a bad sitcom. 

So it is, that I find myself, at midnight.

The plumber, a very nice man, with a very thick accent, is carving holes in my walls.

Looking for where the water is coming from.

The water that continues to pour, with out source.

It is certain that it it is pouring from some where.

As the carpet from one room to the next becomes sodden.

It all started when a hatchling tried to perch on a radiator.

A lot like this one.

The radiator tore away from the wall, and despite the amount of effort it took to lift the great heavy beast back, apparently something was still wrong in the wall.

Not that the day started with this water and dead radiator issue. 

I'm just hoping this is the last of todays character building exercises.

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