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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Journey

This should come with a disclaimer. Don't try this at home. Honest, it is not because you can't, it is simply because loading five small children, ducklings, dogs and chickens into a car and traveling hundreds and hundreds of miles, taking two ferries,... 
Well just imagine one dog being car sick, the toddler grumbles, the baby crying, another dog whining, the ducklings cheeping, and I sadly kid not, the rooster begins crowing... and for a while you start to think you are staring in the funny farm.

Let's start at the beginning.

First we bathed some ducks

because lets face it, the next people want a clean tub.

Then the hatchlings ate their body weight in ice cream, 

while they patiently waited

for the biggest moving van I'd ever seen to be filled up.

Then we scrubbed,

and scrubbed,

before having the carpets shampooed by two, very friendly, dread lock clad carpet cleaning uh dudes.

At last it was time to board the ark!

We drove all day, and most of the night. 

The journey made more challenging... I mean fun, yes fun, by the petrol strikes.

It was like playing the lotto, as to if the next station would have any petrol or diesel.

We had a slightly nail biting experience around Inverness. Thankfully, a full truck, carrying the only diesel for miles, pulled up, at 10:45pm, and we were back on the road.

We arrived a few hours ahead of our first ferry.

So, hatchling no4 took the wheel.

At last our ferry arrives,

and excitement shines through the tired.

Then it all starts to become a lot more real.




we have 




Of course moving in would be too easy,

if it did not snow!

At least our moving van 

came by tractor.

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