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Sunday, 15 April 2012

A night in the daffs

I try to be a good puppy mama, I really do.

When I told dear Drogo: Do not eat the pineapple. I kinda meant it.

Fast forward a few hours, a puppy paced and scratched in his crate, exploded for a three foot radius at 11pm, 12:20am, then again at 1:15am, and was whining and pawing at the door at 3am, well I just wanted some sleep.

So out he went.

Turfed out on his peedie 'ninky tush. (To quote local dialect)

I found him face down in the daffs.

Rough night boy?

Now, I am going to chug my coffee and get the carpet shampooer out.

Oh the glamour.

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