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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Working on stress management

Well, a last minute change of moving company, that story is a little long for a blog post, and now our moving date is set duh... duh... dun... for tomorrow. 


Maybe, tomorrow midday, or evening, or possibly the next morning. 

That is okay though. 

Now, the company I ordered our white goods from, has dumped our order on a completely different land mass, and it will be at my expense should I wish to have them delivered. A rather significant cost.

But that is okay. I didn't really need that stove, or washing machine... did I?

So, we are totally good.

But for the car.

Which has developed a knocking sound, and requires new tyre.

That is okay. 

The mechanic has been called. 

All it requires is time and money.

Now, I need to go and bath my poor sticky little boy. 'Cause he and his sister have come down with the most gosh darn gross sinus cold. 
(I have been doing this mama thing for a while now but seriously this is special.)

We are doing okay though. Just taking moments to pause and give out hugs and juice boxes.

The sun is shining and we are doing alright.

Tomorrow should see us moving out!

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