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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Poor Polly

Hatchlings no1 and no2 were deep in their own world playing with their Polly set.

Listening to them chatting away is a interesting glimpse into what they are thinking about.

In a nut shell Polly (played by hatchling no1) lost her leg to the invading huns (played by hatchling no2). 

During the battle her leg was used as a magic wand which encouraged bacterial growth.

Once the plague spread through out the hun polly dolls... now sticked over with multicoloured dots, one legged Polly offered them medicinal herbs... 

The huns declined.

They instead took up residence in the giant toilet.

Where their plague is continuing to mutate until they can launch their biological battle.

One legged Polly has retired to Turkey. She feels Rome is not all it once was. Apparently, she is on the look out for a good prince, and 10,000 slaves.

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