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Thursday, 22 March 2012

I hate hangers!

There, I said it.

I got it off my chest. It feels good.

I hate how they seem to migrate into every room in the house. It would seem I am alone in thinking they should live out all of their days in exile... I mean the closet.

I think they know how much I loath them. They resist my packing attempts.

You see I did not want to use more than a single boxes on them. So I stuffed them all in. All of them... even the girls' not so modest collection.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the box gave way to... now the clothes hangers have come out to frolic and play.

I'm not fooled. I am sure they are simply mocking me.

Now I am off to find a larger box and more tape. I will not be thwarted again.

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