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Friday, 23 May 2014

Angry bird day!

We have at least one Angry bird obsessed hatchling in our home.

He is, in fact, our angry bird champion.

One of the wonderful parts of this whole home education program is the ability to customise to the needs and wants of each child.

Some how math problems become easier to solve if there are disney princesses standing beside each equation.

It may not make complete sense, but I have seen it happen first hand.

Hence, we are doing school work angry birdy style over here.

Perhaps, you might have a hatchling who would enjoy these sheets too.

I would really encourage you to visit this website link as I can not figure out how to directly link the materials here. The maths book was very well received by our four year old hatchling.

Other printables can be found at these websites:

And there are excellent colouring pages here:

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