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Friday, 21 December 2012

Advent day 20: Brandy Butter and Chantilly cream

fruit cake with brandy butter icing slice

So tasty for topping mince pies and fruit loafs.

1. Cream together 4 onz of butter with 4 one of sifted icing sugar.

2. Add 1 tbs water and 4 tbs of brandy and beat into the butter.

Keep in the fridge.

For the cream

Take 250ml of double cream,

and add

1 tbs honey

4 tbs whiskey

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

then beat until it is smooth and thick.

(Everything is better topped with cream!)


  1. Just wanted to wish you and yours a very blessed Christmas. Am enjoying some of your recipes and they are yummy.

    1. Thank you Peggy, I hope you and your family have a safe, healthy and happy Christmas too!